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Do you already donate time and money to your favorite charities? Well, shop our site and purchase a product that benefits you and a person in need. Our mission is to donate at least 50% of all profits to charity.  SHOP NOW!
Benevolence, Inc is committed to connecting fashion forward women with worthy causes and non-profit organizations.  These non-profit organizations are selected by the staff of Benevolence, Inc. and shoppers such as yourself that recommend a non-profit organization to us. (Non-profit organizations are considered by us to be those that aid others in need or provide services for little or no cost.) Please feel free to recommend a non-profit organization to our Benevolence, Inc. Team by emailing us at benevolenceinchawaii@gmail.com.
Shop our assortment of womens’ apparel and beauty products and feel great knowing that at least 50% of all profits will go to our Non-Profit Organization of the Month. Ever have a case of shopper's remorse? You needn't worry when you shop our site. Always remember that your purchase will benefit someone other than just you. It's always difficult to shell out a large amount of money without feeling guilty that you could have probably made better use of your money. Luckily, Benevolence, Inc. prides ourselves in the fact that we offer 20% off of all beauty products and our womens’ apparel never exceeds $20.
We have a mix of womens’ apparel and clothing. We carry everything from womens’ tanks, tees, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, and pants. If you have any questions regarding health/beauty products, just ask! Our resident beauty expert would be happy to answer any of your questions at benevolenceinchawaii@gmail.com!
Benevolence, Inc. encourages our followers to donate their time or money regularly to local charities. It doesn't matter if you shop clothing or beauty products here online or if you physically go to the non-profit organization and donate your time. Either way we feel we are achieving our goal of creating awareness of these awesome non-profit organizations in intelligent, fashion-forward women.




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